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Cavan hotel Eternal grace is within reach

Our guest rooms are located from the 8th-19th floor. Every suites in Cavan Hotel are uniquely styled and elegantly decorated. Some rooms even have panoramic viewsof the ZhuangTou Park which is located and can be seen on each floor. All room sare equipped with free Wi-Fi access, electronic safe, steaming iron, and shower supplies. As taking an extra step in consideration and to provide a cleaner environment.Our professional staffs are always here to provide a heart-warming and excellent service to our guests.


With a large multi-functionalbanquet hall of 800 square meters located on the 5th floor, which can accommodate 40 tables (each table accommodates 12 guests) at the same time.The banquet hall is equipped with high-quality audio and video systems. From the latest AV equipment, online facilities to freshly brewed tea and coffee anda flexible choice of food and drink menus helps you to host a large banquet,company meeting and all kinds of celebration activities, Equipped with 6 otherspecifications business conference rooms of various sizes, caring all your meeting demand .you'll find everything you need to make your meeting a successin Cavan Hotel.


Covent Garden Western Restaurant is located on the 1st floor of CavanHotel. Enjoy seasonally inspired modern Global delicates in elegant surroundings.The more fun for you to enjoy.

Ocean Dragon Restaurant is mainly located on the 4th floor Inviting you to enjoy the real flavor of Cantonese Delicacies and the cooking culture of China, who has many years of Cantonese cuisine deep cooking skill, processing fine for you and will not depart the atmosphere of authentic Cantonese cuisines.


Outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by green, make up by the color of nature, Swimming in the pool,greeted is eyeful green, or just lying on the beach chair, listen to the stars whisper, fatigue gone, Cavan Hotel --- a kind of life, rather than a gesture.

The use of water to revitalize,maintain, and restore health is the traditional treatment of the Chinese culture. Enjoy the hydrotherapy treatments in YuJiangNan Water Club which islocated on the 2nd -3rd floor include saunas, steam bathsand foot baths, etc.

Cavan Gifts Full of beautiful products